Lm-3875, схема усилителя

lm-3875, схема усилителя
Total Visitors since Jan 2001 — Best Viewed at 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution. Данная микросхема отлично будет работать и как автомобильный усилитель, пара десятков лишних ватт в автомобиле точно вам не помешают. До новых встреч на страницах нашего сайта — Артур Касьян (АКА). For the resistors I opted to use carbon film resistors which I had on hand. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited by international copyright laws without the express written consent of Rod Elliott. Диоды серии кд2010. Сам усилитель выполнен на дешевой микросхеме TDA2005, но это достаточно качественная микросхема, которая работает и в мостовом и в стерео режиме.

Now solder the .1 uF capacitors, C3, and C4. Follow up with C7 and C8, the 47 uF capacitors. The chassis must be properly grounded to the mains ground to prevent possibly lethal voltages from being seen on the chassis in the event of failure. The cabinets were completely inert being constructed using five different layers including lead, Masonite and MDF; and the drivers were time-aligned. Stopping the source of hum is the only option, instead of disconnecting the chassis ground. At times, when connected to a complex system, hum can be caused by interfacing to coax cable used for video. Some people say that the insulated package also sounds better.

Микросхема LM3886 посажена на алюминиевый радиатор, а затем к корпусу усилителя. Consistent with a lot of the other parts, the IEC socket was recycled from a dead CRT computer monitor. Suffice it to say that a commonly used 18V transformer results in approximately 25V rectified, while a common 22V supply produces around 34V rectified. При мостовом подключении микросхема выдает свыше 20 ватт, при стерео режиме (двухканальная) мощность 12-15 ватт на канал при нагрузке 3 ом, при 4-х омной нагрузке мощность порядка 10 ватт на канал. Supply Voltage chart on page 9 is a good indication of the maximum rail voltages for a given speaker that you will design to. For further guidance on the selection of a suitable power transformer, refer to section 2.1 Choosing a transformer, in the Users Guide for Non-Inverted LM3886 Kit.

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