Toyota lite ace 1992 схема

toyota lite ace 1992 схема
Как слить антифриз замена переднего рычага Toyota Town Ace кузов RS51. ремкомплект двс K3-VE!!! TOYOTA SPARKY Нужна морда на Региус Айс 2005 года Toyota Touring Hiace [Без флуда] Реле зарядки на Lite Ace. The LiteAce did not have this intake, but instead had additional grilles where the extra lamps in the TownAce were. Despite the trend among its Japanese competitors of switching to the front-wheel drive layout, the R40/R50 maintained its rear-wheel drive. Система зарядки (ЗС — Т). Система зарядки (3Y — EU). Система зарядки (2С). Система снижения токсичности (ЗС — T) и повышающая передача.

The rebodied R20/R30 had a much more streamlined design. Система облегчения закрытия сдвижной двери («Easy Close»). Привод сдвижной двери. Toyota imports models fitted with the 1495 cc 3SZ-VE engine and five-speed manual or optional four-speed automatic. The TownAce used a front mid-engine layout where the driver and front passenger sat directly above the front axle; optional four-wheel drive was introduced in December 1985. Much of the vehicle’s mechanicals were based on the Toyota Hilux, including suspension components.

The «Ace» moniker references the Toyota Toyoace medium-duty truck sold starting 1956. The «Lite» in LiteAce refers to its light-duty capability, and the «Town» in TownAce alludes to the suitability of the model for urban areas. Пример: 3Y-PE. H — особая система впрыска топлива (фирменное обозначение: EFI-D). Пример: 5E-FHE. Z — двигатель снабжен Super Charger. The leaf spring rear suspension of the R10 was replaced with a four-link coil rigid suspension with a Panhard rod for the first time among Japanese cab-over-engine type van/wagons.

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