H на русском эл схему chrysler stratus

h на русском эл схему chrysler stratus
The side mouldings of the car became much smoother and body-coloured. The following years were marketed by other special versions: DoDo,[10] Vanity and Unica. 16v versions reduce their output of 6 PS (4 kW) due to new Euro 3 pollution standards. Japanese dealerships. It will not be exported to the USA in order to avoid competition with the Fiat 500,[30] which is produced at Chrysler’s Toluca plant in Mexico.

The final model included only a few changes from the original, especially in the grille that recalls the style of most Chrysler models, with horizontal slats replacing the two lobes with vertical slats. Когда вскрыл — ужаснулся, одна ножка сгнила напрочь, другая еле держится. The new Ypsilon can be equipped with pay-Electronic Stability Control and Hill Holder, a 0.93 g of grip, even if the rolling is accentuated by the soft suspension calibration.

Production was moved to Fiat’s Tychy plant.[26] Production reached 100,000 units per year at full capacity. The rear tailgate has a small size that limits visibility, embellished by chromed fascia above the license plate. Суем в отверстие нечто и расковыриваем им окружающий пластик стараясь не задеть проводочки катушки.Спаиваем все, что отвалилось.Проверяем сопротивление в разъеме. Finishes on the bridge are painted silver or dark gray. Retrieved 4 May 2012. ^ «The New Lancia Ypsilon makes its debut». . Разобрал, попутно выяснив что «трепанацию» корпуса удобно производить прибором для выжигания по дереву, режет пластик как скальпелем, вскрыл за 2-3 минуты.

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